How to optimize your database with phpMyAdmin

Over time, MySQL databases may become less efficient and run slower. It is always a good idea to keep your databases’ tables optimized. This could help to shrink a database’s size and remove unused elements that are left behind from frequent changes and for better functionality of the website/application where the database is associated.

There is no danger in using this tool and you should consider running it occasionally, especially if your database content changes frequently.

Fortunately, making this optimization is quite easy when using the phpMyAdmin tool available in cPanel.

  1. To perform the optimization, log in to your phpMyAdmin and select the database whose tables you wish to optimize.
  2. A list with all the database tables will appear. Tick the tables you wish to optimize, or simply click [Check All] to select all tables.
  3. From the [With selected:] drop-down menu choose Optimize table.
  4. This will execute the OPTIMIZE TABLE SQL query on the selected tables and they will be updated and optimized.

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