Error message: Too many connections

HostPapa allows up to 15 simultaneous connections per MySQL user, and up to 150 simultaneous connections per server. If 15 connections are open and you try to make a 16th, you may receive a “Too many connections” error message.

Fifteen connections are more than enough for most sites! At most connections are only open a fraction of a second, so 15 simultaneous connections are usually sufficient, even for a forum (for example) with hundreds of members.

If you receive the “Too many connections” error message regularly, one of two things might be happening:

  1. Your site is experiencing consistently high traffic and your database is being overloaded with connection attempts. If this is the case, your site and your business may have outgrown shared web hosting. You may need to consider moving to semi-dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) hosting.
  2. Your database connections are not closing properly and are preventing new connections from being made. If your site has not experienced recent major spikes in traffic, this may be the reason for your error message. In this case, you need to correct your code so that open connections are closed once the request has been made to the database.

If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your dashboard:
  2. Click on My Support.
  3. Click on the Open New Ticket tab.
  4. Your Name and Email Address will be prepopulated.
  5. Enter a Subject, choose the department you wish to submit the ticket to and enter the Ticket Details.
  6. If required, you may also add an attachment.
  7. Click the orange Submit button.


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