I can receive emails, but I can’t seem to send them

If this is the case for you – there is most likely a problem with your settings.

Here are a few troubleshooting options:

Using the correct outgoing port?

Make sure your outgoing email (SMTP) connection uses port 587. By default, the port is set to 25. However, email sent through this port will be arbitrarily blocked due to all the spam that also gets sent using port 25. Your email will sit in your outbox, sometimes for hours, and then suddenly get sent. As an alternative to 25, we have port 26 for non-SSL connections.

Need different outgoing servers?

Some high-speed internet service providers require you to use their servers when sending email. If you have this kind of setup, when you send an email, it is not going out via your HostPapa account (even though it looks like it does to anyone who receives the email).

If you do have different outgoing servers, check the rest of your email program settings. Your outgoing settings are correct, but there may be something wrong with your incoming settings.

Connecting to the default email account?

The default email account is not a fully functional email account and cannot send email. It is possible to accidentally connect to it. Your email username is the full email address including the @your_domain.com. Please do not use your cPanel username, as this will connect you to the default email account.

For more information about the default email account, please see: https://www.hostpapa.com/knowledgebase/your-default-email-address/

Can’t send from webmail?

Check to see if you are logged in to your default email address. You can tell by checking the very first webmail page. Near the top, it will say “You are logged in as” and then have an email address that looks like your cPanel username@your primary domain name. For example, if your cPanel username is mynif123 and your primary domain is myniftysite.com, your webmail page will say “You are logged in as mynif123@myniftysite.com.”

Please click the logout icon in the upper right corner. You can then log back in using the following information:

Email: The email address you want to access. Please do not use your cPanel username.
Password: The password specific to the email address you just entered.

How to check your settings

You will need to check the instructions for your specific email program to see how to get to the settings and change them. Here are some articles that may help:

Outlook 2003 and 2007

Mac Mail

iPhone and iPod Touch

Blackberry and Treo

Here is a link to video tutorials on how to set up connections in a variety of different email programs. These tutorials will show you where you can change the settings listed above. https://hostpapa.com/tutorials/tutorials-email.shtml

If you are unsure of your email account password, you can reset it from your cPanel. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard.

  2. Click on My cPanel. If you have more than one domain associated with your HostPapa account, click on the appropriate domain link, then enter your cPanel password if required.

  1. From the EMail section, click on the Email Accounts icon.

  1. Locate the email address that requires a password change. Click on Manage.

  2. Look for the Security section. There you can either create your own password or use the password generator.

  1. Make sure to keep your new password safe.

  2. Scroll down to click Update Email Settings.

For further questions, or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Click here to learn how to do it.

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