Your default email address

Every HostPapa account comes with a default email address. This address is created when the hosting package is set up. It looks like this: cPanel

If your cPanel username is mynif123 and your primary domain is, your default email address would be

The default email address is not a fully functional email address. It can receive email, but it cannot send. It is meant to be a “catch-all” address, so if somebody misspells the part of the email address before the “@” symbol, it will still be delivered.

Except for catching stray emails, the default email address should not be used. You will need to create at least one new email address on your account in order to properly send and receive email. Here’s a link to a knowledgebase article on how to do that.

How do I make/add a new email address?

Be Careful!

  • If you use your cPanel username and password to log into an email account (either through webmail or an email program) you will log in to the default email account.
  • If you click on the Webmail icon in your cPanel, you will automatically be logged into the default email account. To access your other email addresses, click on the Email Accounts icon, click More beside the desired email address and then click Access Webmail.

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