What are display marketing and retargeting?

Display marketing and retargeting

Display marketing is an umbrella term for any website advertising that uses graphic elements. This includes banner ads, videos, buttons, pop-up and pop-under ads, but doesn’t include SEO marketing.

An exciting type of display marketing that’s becoming common is retargeting, sometimes called remarketing, which is a method of re-engaging users who have already visited your site. A large majority of site visitors don’t make a purchase or complete a call to action on their first visit and retargeting can be very effective in recalling users who have already shown interest. With a retargeting campaign, when a user visits your site, an HTTP cookie is saved in the user’s browser. As the user visits other websites, your site advertising is displayed on those sites. Depending on the type of retargeting strategy you’re using, your advertising can also be displayed to users who haven’t yet visited your site but have similar browsing characteristics as your site visitors.

There are many advertising platforms and services you can use to get started with your retargeting campaign, including AddRoll and Google AdWords.

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