How to create personal stationery in Outlook 2016

It’s easy to customize the look of your Outlook 2016 email messages by designing and using personal stationery.

Creating personal stationery

You can create and save as many personal stationery designs as you want to customize your Outlook email messages. On the Home tab, click New Email.

On the Options tab of the new email, click Page Color to change the background color of the email.

If you want to add a logo, click Insert > Pictures. Select the logo image file and click Insert.

When the email design is finished, click File > Save As. In the location bar, type %appdata%\microsoft\stationery. In File name, type a name for the stationery and select HTML in Save as type. Click Save.

Using personal stationery

Now that you’ve created personal stationery, you can use it to create custom email messages. On the Home tab, click New ItemsE-mail Message UsingMore Stationery.

In Choose a Theme, select your personal stationery and click OK.

You can now compose and send your email message as usual.

More information

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