How to block unwanted emails in Outlook

If you’re receiving spam or other undesirable messages, you can use Outlook to block them in a variety of ways.

The Block Sender filter ensures that unwanted emails are not received in your inbox. You can enable the feature by following these steps:

Option 1: Context menu

Select the unwanted email message in your inbox. Right-click the email message and select Junk > Block Sender.

Block Sender settings

Option 2: Home tab

Select the unwanted email message in your inbox. Click the Home tab in the ribbon and select Junk > Block Sender.

Home tab

Option 3: Blocked Senders list

In the ribbon, select Home > Junk > Junk Email Options.

Junk E-mail Options

On the Blocked Senders tab, enter a specific email address or a domain.

Select Add, then click OK.

Move falsely identified spam to your inbox

There may be occasions when Outlook incorrectly identifies valid email messages as spam. These messages will be placed in the Junk folder.

To move falsely identified spam messages to your inbox, right-click the message and select Junk > Not Junk.

Not Junk

Always trust e-mail from <sender> will be checked by default in the panel that opens.

Mark as Not Junk

Select OK and the message will be placed in your inbox.

Manage junk mail filtering sensitivity

You can customize the sensitivity of Outlook’s junk mail filtering by clicking Home > Junk > Junk Email Options… in the ribbon.

Junk email options

Choose from the following option:

  • No Automatic Filtering – does not automatically filter email messages for junk email.
  • Low – moves the most obvious junk email to the Junk Email folder.
  • High – catches most junk email messages.
  • Safe Lists Only – only delivers email messages from people or domains on your Safe Senders list.

To manually add email addresses to your Safe Senders list, click the Safe Senders tab, then use the Add… or Remove buttons to add or remove email addresses in the list.

Junk email options

In a similar way, you can add or remove emails in your Blocked Senders list via the Blocked Senders tab.

Blocked senders

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