How to add hyperlinks and attachments to emails in Outlook

You can easily share information in Outlook by attaching files and inserting hyperlinks in your email messages. Follow these steps to learn how to create a hyperlink in Outlook and how to insert attachments.

You can create hyperlinks in Outlook to link to web pages, new or existing files on your computer, email addresses, and specific locations in a document.

  1. On the Home tab, click New Email.

2. In the Message tab, select Link.


3. Choose Web Page or File, This Document, or Email Address.  

4. In Text to Display, add the text you’d like in the hyperlink. If you want the hyperlink to display URL only, leave this field blank. 

5. Select one of the three tabs and follow one of the following steps:

  • Web Page or File – Add the full URL you want to link.
  • This Document – Select a place in the document where you want to add the hyperlink, either Top of the Document, Headings, or Bookmarks.
  • Email Address –  Fill in the Email address and Subject fields.
  1. If you need to change an existing link, right-click the link and select Edit Hyperlink.
  2. In the Address box, edit the link and click OK.

  1. To delete an existing link, right-click the link and select Remove Hyperlink.

Working with Outlook attachments

Outlook keeps track of recently created and updated files on your computer and makes them easily accessible as email attachments.

Adding an attachment to a new email in Outlook

1.0On the Home tab, click New Email.

2. On the Message tab, click Attach File.

3. Select a recently created or updated file from Recent Items, or click Browse This PC to choose another file.

4. If you clicked Browse This PC, select the file, and click Insert.

Removing an attachment from an email

  1. With the email message open, click the dropdown arrow on the attachment.
  2. Select Remove Attachment.

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