How to use emoji in WordPress

Emoji are “smiley” images (or ideograms) seen all over the Internet. They’re commonly used to convey emotion or clarify a subtle meaning behind text and can be used on a wide range of devices.

Emoji can be inserted into your WordPress posts and pages with ease. However, as they are managed by the operating system, rather than applications like WordPress, the steps to insert emoji can vary by device.

Using emoji on desktop PCs

On Windows 10 devices in Desktop mode, right-click the taskbar. In the menu that appears, select the Show touch keyboard button option.

Taskbar menu

You’ll see a new keyboard icon appear in the taskbar.

Keyboard icon

Click the “smiley face” button to view the available emoji.

Emoji button

Now select the emoji you wish to insert into the post or page.

Emoji keyboard

On Mac OS X (10.7 or higher), click the Edit menu and select Emoji & Symbols.

Mac OS Edit menu

Select the emoji you wish to insert into your post or page.

Emoji selection

Using emoji on mobile devices

On Android devices, look for the “smiley face” icon on your keyboard.

Emoji button

Tap the emoji you wish insert.

Android emoji

If you’re using an iOS device, the steps are similar. At the bottom of your keyboard, tap the smiley face icon and select your emoji.

iOS Emoji button

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