How to set up Hotlink protection in cPanel

Hotlink protection is a security feature in cPanel designed to reduce bandwidth consumption. It works by preventing third-party websites from directly linking to your content (for example, pulling in images hosted on your server for display on their own web pages).

You can whitelist specific URLs for permitted access to files, nominate specific file types to protect or redirect requests to a specific URL of your choosing.

How to set up Hotlink protection in cPanel

1) Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard


2) Click on My cPanel or My WordPress.


3) Head to Security > Hotlink Protection in cPanel.


4) Click the Enable button to start protecting your bandwidth.


5) Now review the list of permitted URLs lower down the page. By default, this list will include any subdomains you have configured. Add or remove URLs as required.


6) Now review the list of blocked file types. Most popular image types are blocked by default, but you can add any file extension here to protect your media.

7) Ensure the relevant box is checked if you wish to allow direct requests (via a specific URL). 

8) Finally, enter a URL if you want to redirect hotlink requests.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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