Security checklist for your Joomla! installation

As a popular content management system (CMS), platforms like Joomla! can be targeted by hackers seeking easy ways to take control of hundreds of thousands of sites using remote code exploits and other techniques. Joomla! administrators should take steps to secure their installations at all times and follow best practices when configuring and managing the platform.

While new exploits are continually uncovered and patched, following best practices can ensure your site is protected from the most common types of intrusion and that your Joomla! installation is quickly updated when new safeguards are released.

Use the following tips to help you secure your Joomla! website:

  1. Create a manual backup routine. Even if you take advantage of our automated backup services, creating a manual backup of your account prior to any significant changes further strengthens protection in case of intrusion or other issues. Create a manual backup schedule that includes the download of your Joomla! database, core files and extensions that can be easily restored in case of disaster.
  1. Update Joomla! when new releases are available. You’ll receive a variety of notifications in the administration back-end, the HostPapa cPanel Manager and your inbox when new versions of Joomla! are released. These releases include important security upgrades that protect your site from newly discovered exploits. Don’t delay your upgrades – follow our guide to updating Joomla to ensure you’re protected.
  1. Keep up to date with the latest Joomla! security news and advice.
    Joomla!’s developers publish a Security and Performance FAQ that includes valuable information on maintaining and securing the platform for optimal performance. From site backup best practices to extension vulnerabilities and a host of tips for hardening security, the FAQ is a great read for any Joomla! Administrator. If you’re new to site administration, you may find the FAQ assumes a fair degree of technical knowledge. If so, get started with the Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla! which covers the basics in a friendly, more accessible style.
  2. Sign up for Joomla! Security News. To be one of the first in line for security notifications, be sure to sign up for Joomla! Security News. You’ll receive announcements of new updates, discover security issues and pick up valuable tips on managing your Joomla! installation. You can sign up for email notifications or subscribe to the RSS feed.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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