How to send emails from a site using the php mail function

Server applications that support email features distribute messages using a PHP function called php mail(). While most popular web applications (such as WordPress) include the necessary coding to distribute email using php mail(), you can also manually call the function from a web page or the server command line. Note: some knowledge […]

How to automatically redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS

Once you have purchased and installed an SSL certificate, you can configure your server to automatically redirect visitors to the secure version of your website. This ensures data sent to and from your website is securely encrypted. Adopting SSL is becoming increasingly important for website owners. It proves the authenticity of […]

How to minimize your shared web hosting server usage

Ways To Minimize Bandwidth Usage The best way to avoid excessive server resource usage is to minimize your website’s bandwidth usage. This can often be achieved by completing any of the following methods (or a combination): Minimizing image sizes By minimizing the size of your images, whether by resizing, cropping, […]

Using Softaculous scripts while your domain is still propagating

Some scripts automatically incorporate your domain name from your hosting account’s settings. If your domain name’s propagation has not yet been completed, you may experience temporary issues after installing one of these scripts. While the script will automatically generate page and image links using your domain name, those links will […]