How to backup a MySQL database

You can backup your MySQL database in two different ways:

  1. cPanel Backup Wizard

The Backup Wizard is an automated backup feature available within cPanel. You can use it to create a full backup of your entire site (including your databases) or a backup of only certain elements.

  1. phpMyAdmin

This is a part of your cPanel that lets you manage databases (and the data they contain) directly as opposed to having to do it through your website.

1. Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard

2. Click on My cPanel or My WordPress. If you have more than one domain associated with your HostPapa account, click on the appropriate domain link, then enter your cPanel password if required.


3. From the Databases section, click on phpMyAdmin.


4. In the left column, click the name of the database you wish to backup.


5. Click on the Export tab on the right.


6. Choose the tables you wish to backup, or click Select All to backup all of your tables.

7. Scroll down and ensure the Save as File box is checked off.

8. Click the Go button found in the lower right corner. You will be prompted to find a place on your hard drive to store the backup file, and then the download will begin.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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