How to point your HostPapa domain to Wix

In order to use a domain name registered by HostPapa with Wix, you have to work on both Wix and HostPapa accounts.

On your HostPapa account:

1. Login to cPanel from your HostPapa Dashboard >> My cPanel section.

2. Access Zone Editor feature.

3. Click Manage button for the domain you wish to connect with Wix.

4. Edit or add the following DNS Records:

For, edit existing A record and point it to:

For, create a CNAME record that points to:

For, create a CNAME record that points to:

If you wish to keep emails routed through your HostPapa hosting service, there are 2 additional DNS updates to be configured:

First, check your Shared IP Address in cPanel >> General information and copy the value:

Then, get back to DNS Zone Editor in cPanel and make the following adjustments:

Check for an existing CNAME record. If it exists, edit it to an A Record pointed to Shared IP Address copied earlier.

If the CNAME record doesn’t exist, create a new A Record with the same details.

Edit existing MX Record and point it to which we created in previous step.

On your Wix account:

1. Go to My Domains page.
2. Click Connect a domain you already own, or if you already have a domain, click Add Domain and then click Connect a domain you already own.
3. Select the site you want to connect your domain to and click Next.
Note: You may not see this step if you have already connected a domain.
4. Change the connection method to pointing:
Click Connection Method: DNS.
Select Pointing.
5. Under What’s your domain name? enter the domain name that you want to connect.
6. Click Next and follow the steps on your screen.

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