How to import large MySQL data files if phpMyAdmin times out

If you need to import large databases to your HostPapa account, you may find that phpMyAdmin times out. If this happens, HostPapa recommends that you instead try using a different tool, such as BigDump.

What you’ll need:

  1. Bigdump-Script (bigdump.php), available to download here
  2. An FTP program, such as Filezilla, to upload the bigdump.php file to your websites public_html folder

Note: For more information on using FTP, please check out our helpful video tutorials.

Basic Steps:

  1. Enter your database/login info into the BigDump PHP script.

  2. Upload the script file and the MySQL datafile to a writable, web-accessible directory on your website.

  3. Run the script by navigating to your website URL that contains the BigDump script.

Advanced Steps:

  1. Open BigDump in a text editor and adjust the database configuration.

  2. Drop the old tables on the target database if your dump doesn’t contain “DROP TABLE” (use phpMyAdmin).

  3. Create the working directory (e.g. “dump”) on your web server.

  4. If you want to upload the dump files directly from the web browser, simply give the scripts writing permission on the working directory (e.g. make chmod 777 on a Linux-based system). You can upload the dump files from the browser up to the size limit set by the current PHP configuration of the web server. Alternatively, you can upload any files via FTP.

  5. Upload bigdump.php and the dump files (*.sql or *.gz) via FTP to the working directory (take care of TEXT mode upload for bigdump.php and dump.sql but BINARY mode for dump.gz if uploading from MS Windows).

  6. Run the bigdump.php from your browser via URL
    (example: Now you can select the file to be imported from the listing of your working directory.

  7. BigDump will start every next import session automatically if you enable the JavaScript in your browser.

  8. Relax and wait for the script to finish. Do not close the browser window!

IMPORTANT: Remove bigdump.php and your dump files from your server.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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