How to change your cPanel password

  1. Log in to your HostPapa dashboard:

  2. Click on My cPanel. If you have more than one domain associated with your HostPapa account, click on the appropriate domain link, then enter your cPanel password if required.

  3. Select the Change Password icon in the Preferences group to modify your cPanel password.

  4. Enter your Old Password.

  5. Enter a New Password and confirm it again. Please ensure your password is strong. To create a random secure password, use the Password Generator provided.

  6. Click the Change your password now! button.

For step by step instructions, check out this video tutorial:

Remember that you have more than one password with HostPapa, and changing this password only changes your cPanel and FTP access. You also have a dashboard password which will not be updated by making this change.

Forgot your cPanel password?

If you have forgotten your cPanel password, please open a support ticket. To open a support ticket, please log in to your HostPapa dashboard:

Support ticket tips/info:

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