What is the ECC+ Security extension for Joomla!?

The ECC+ Security extension for Joomla! is a highly-rated plugin that provides effective spam protection for Joomla!, as well as third-party registration and contact forms. ECC+ can be used on its own or along with several popular external antispam services such as Akismet, reCaptcha, and Mollum.

In addition to antispam capabilities, ECC+ enhances site security with protection against SQL injection and local file inclusion attacks.

How ECC+ protects against spam

ECC+ protects registration and contact forms from spam by requiring a simple arithmetic task before forms can be submitted. For more protection against spambots, you can include a hidden field in your forms, which will be seen and filled in only by spambots and not by human visitors, and enable a time restriction feature that prevents forms from being rapidly submitted.

Features and third-party support included in ECC+:

  • Arithmetic problem – Addition and subtraction
  • Number of operands can be selected – 2 or 3
  • Numbers can be written as words
  • Hidden form fields
  • Time restriction
  • SQL injection and local file inclusion protection
  • Token-based back-end protection
  • reCaptcha
  • Bot-Trap
  • Honeypot Project
  • StopForumSpam
  • Akismet
  • Mollom

More information

For more information about the ECC+ Security extension for Joomla!, see How to install the ECC+ security extension for Joomla! in the HostPapa knowledge base.

If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact HostPapa Support by opening a support ticket. Details about how to open a support ticket are here.

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