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In this article, we will give you an overview of the requirements for registering an .EU domain at HostPapa. We’ll also show you how to transfer a domain from your current registrar to HostPapa. 

How to register a domain name with HostPapa

According to EURid criteria, to be eligible to register for an .EU domain, you must be:

  • an EU citizen, independently of their place of residence; or
  • a natural person who is not an EU citizen and who is a resident of a Member State; or
  • an undertaking established in the EU; or
  • an organisation established in the EU, without prejudice to the application of national law.

To check prices or register one of these domains, visit our domain page or purchase directly from your HostPapa Dashboard by clicking on My Domains, then Register New Domain to open a Secure Order Form. 


How to transfer a domain name to HostPapa

Before you submit to transfer a domain name to HostPapa, please follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your domain name at your current registrar. Each domain registrar may have different steps to unlock the domain. If you can’t find this option in the general settings, please contact your domain registrar. 
  2. Obtain an authorization code (EPP Key, also known as Auth-Code or transfer code). This code is necessary for the transfer and can be obtained directly from the EURid portal.
  3. When the transfer request is submitted, the request will be sent to the registrant’s email address.
  4. Our registrar, OpenSRS, will send an email to the address on file immediately after you purchase the transfer. The email contains the verification link where you will input the transfer code to authorize the transfer in your HostPapa account.

For more information on how to transfer a domain name to HostPapa, click here.


  1. There is no renewal grace period for .EU domains. The domain will go straight into the redemption period for 40 days, which means that you can reclaim your expired domain name for the standard domain purchase price plus a redemption fee (fees vary; please contact HostPapa Support for more information).
  2. When registering an .EU domain, registrants can keep their name private in the WHOIS record by leaving the Organization field blank. In that case, the email address displays in the registry WHOIS.  For more information regarding this, please see section 2.4.ii of the registry’s WHOIS policy.
  3. Privacy protection may need to be disabled before submitting your transfer. If enabled, privacy protection tends to divert the verification email to a non-responding admin address.
  4. Please ensure enough time to initiate the domain transfer before its expiration/renewal date. Transfers can take up to seven days to complete. To ensure your domain does not become non-functional during the transfer, we recommend making this request at least two weeks before your domain’s expiry.

If you need help with transferring or registering your .EU domain name with HostPapa, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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