How to get a CPR certificate for a .CA category change

In this article, we will explain how to get a CPR certificate (legal type) for your .CA domain.

Why do I need a CPR certificate?

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) determined that .CA domains should be developed as a key public resource for Canada’s social and economic development. Because of this, you must meet the Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR) to register a .CA domain name or sub-domain name.

Registrants need to fall into a ‘CPR’ (formerly known as a ‘legal type’) category so they can comply with the CPR requirements. If a Canadian company changes from an association to a corporation, their CPR category should also be updated. 

You can update a CPR category for your .CA domain by submitting a HostPapa support ticket. Before submitting a ticket, please determine which legal category type from the options below best meets/suits your registrant type.

Note: Individual .CA domain registrants will receive free domain privacy. Non-individual .CA domain registrants will have their contact details publicly available for anyone searching the domain in WHOIS. 

Available CPR (legal) types accepted by CIRA:

Aboriginal Peoples (individuals or groups) indigenous to Canada – Individual

Canadian citizen – Individual

Permanent resident of Canada – Individual

Legal representative of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident – Individual

Corporation (Canada or Canadian province or territory) – Non-individual

Government or government entity in Canada – Non-individual

Canadian educational institution – Non-individual

Canadian unincorporated association – Non-individual

Canadian hospital – Non-individual

Partnership registered in Canada – Non-individual

Trade-mark registered in Canada (by a non-Canadian owner) – Non-individual

Canadian trade union – Non-individual

Canadian political party – Non-individual

Canadian library, archive, or museum – Non-individual

Trust established in Canada – Non-individual

Indian band recognized by the Indian Act of Canada – Non-individual

Official mark registered in Canada – Non-individual

Her Majesty the Queen – Non-individual

Once you’ve found the legal category that best suits your registrant type, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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