What is the Admin Tools extension for Joomla!?

The Admin Tools extension for Joomla! is an easy to use suite of features designed to enhance the performance, security, and administration of Joomla! websites. Admin Tools is developed by Akeeba, the creator the popular Akeeba Backup extension, and follows Joomla! best practices and requirements, ensuring ongoing compatibility and stability.

Admin Tools editions and features

Akeeba, the third-party developer of Admin Tools, provides two editions – the free Core edition and the subscription-based Professional edition. Just some of the features in each edition include:

Feature Core Professional
 Custom Admin Tools user permissions  x  x
 Joomla! release notifications x x
 Easily change file and folder permissions  x  x
 One-click purge of temporary files  x  x
 Fix and optimize database tables  x  x
 Protect access to the administrator directory  x x
 Disable directory listing  x
 URL redirection  x
 Force HTTPS  x
 File injection attack protection  x
 Full-featured software  firewall  x
 Change Administrator login URL  x

More information

For more information about Admin Tools, see How to install Admin Tools article in the HostPapa knowledge base.

If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact HostPapa Support by opening a support ticket. Details about how to open a support ticket are here.

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