How to search and sort your files and folders in Drive

The more files you update to Google Drive the harder it can be to find what you need. Fortunately, Google Drive has ways to sort and search for files, so that you you can find what you need quickly.

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It can be difficult to browse through hundreds of files just to find the one you need. So, try searching Drive instead.

In Drive’s search box, type a word or phrase. To help you search faster, Drive suggests search terms as you type. Click one of the suggestions to open it, or click Search search  to see a list of results.


  1. Advanced search options: In the search box, click the Down arrow to see the search options. Choose any option or combination of options to filter your results further.
  2. Sorting options: Click Sort options az to sort files in any of these ways:
    • Last modified—See items that were recently modified by anyone (not just you). This might help you keep track of things that your collaborators have recently changed.
    • Last edited by me—See the files or folder that you’ve changed.
    • Last opened by me—Find files you recently opened, regardless of whether you’ve edited them. This is a great way to get back to items you were recently viewing, if you accidentally closed a tab in your browser, or if you didn’t bookmark something.
    • Name—See your files in alphabetical order.



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