How to set up Google Workspace email on your iPhone or iPad using Google Sync (Exchange)

This tutorial describes how to set up Google Workspace email on your iPhone or iPad. Signing in with your device to your Google Workspace account registers your device for mobile management with your organization. Once you enroll, you can see the same emails, events, and contacts on the phone, tablet, or computer.

  1. On your Apple Device home screen, go to Settings, then Mail.

    How to set up Google Workspace email on your iPhone or iPad using Google Sync (Exchange)

  2. Take one of the following actions: 
  • Tap Passwords & Accounts>>Add Account.
  • If you’re using iOS 10.3.3 or earlier, tap Accounts>>Add Account.

    Set up Google Workspace in iOS with Microsoft Exchange
  1. Then choose Microsoft Exchange.

    Select Microsoft Exchange to sync your Google Workspace

  2. Enter your Google Workspace email address and tap Next.
  3. A pop-up will appear, tap Configure Manually.

    How to sync your Google Workspace in your iPhone

  4. Enter your Password and tap Next.
    If your organization uses 2-Step Verification (2SV) or single sign-on (SSO) with a third-party identity provider, follow the on-screen steps to generate and enter an app password.
  1. Next to Server, enter
    Next to Username, enter your Google Workspace Gmail address and tap Next.

    Configure connection to Google Workspace in your iPhone

  1. Choose the services you want to sync, such as Gmail, Contacts and Calendar.
    To synchronize secondary calendars on your mobile device, click here and select the calendars. ​​​​​
    Tap Save.

Note: You’ll receive an email if your administrator needs to approve your device before you can sync it with your Google Workspace account. 

Wait until your administrator approves your device. If your device is approved, you’ll see the available services and settings to sync.

How to change the services you sync

To make changes, tap Settings>>Accounts & Passwords>>Exchange, and tap On On select options iphone or Off Off iPhone for each service you want to change.

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