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Please note: As of November 21, 2013, new shared web hosting accounts no longer include the Soholaunch site builder tool. Instead, we are pleased to include the HostPapa Website Builder with all new accounts.

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There are a couple of common login problems with Soholaunch.

Are you getting a “Session Expired” error?
Check your web browser security settings. If your web browser security settings are too high, this error may occur. Try putting your settings back to a medium or low level.

Is Soholaunch not accepting your user name and password?
What you are typing in may not actually be your correct user name or password. If you are off by one character—even if it’s a capital letter instead of a lower-case one—you will not get in. Here’s an article on how you can recover your Soholaunch user name and password:

Is Soholaunch giving you a message that you have been blocked?
You have probably made too many unsuccessful login attempts in a row. Soholaunch blocks last 30 minutes, and as they are governed by the program itself, you will need to wait until the block expires. There is no way to get rid of them early.

You should read the article linked above about recovering your Soholaunch user name and password, as it will give you the correct information for when you are able to try logging in again.

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