How to preview and download stored files on Drive

Before you download a file, Google Drive allows you to preview it, so that you can ensure that it is the correct file.

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To take a quick look at a Drive file, right-click it and select PreviewIn the overlay, you can:

  • Scroll through your file
  • Click Left arrow left or Right arrow right to preview your previous or next file in Drive
  • Click View all items to select and preview another file in Drive
  • Share your file with others
  • Print your file
  • Open your file to edit it
  • Click Download download to download your file
  • Click Close x to exit the preview
  • Click Add to My Drive drive to add the file to My Drive
  • Click More tripdots to rename a file or if it’s in My Drive, move it to another folder

To save a file to access later, download it one of the following ways:

  1. From the preview screen, click Download download.
  2. From Drive, select a file, click More tripdots, and select Download download.

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