Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installation issues

If you have reason to believe that the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that is supposed to come auto-enabled on your website is not functioning correctly, or was not installed correctly, it could be because of three possible scenarios.

You can tell if the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is not functioning correctly if the URL bar in your browser displays https:// and not https:// when visiting your website or if the lock icon in the browser URL bar is displaying unlocked. Let’s Encrypt will not notify you if the certificate fails to install properly on your website, so it’s recommended that customers check their websites monthly to ensure proper SSL functionality.

1. Domain not resolving to the right location:
It’s possible that your domain name is not resolving to HostPapa nameservers. If you purchased a domain name from another provider, please ensure that your DNS settings are set to the HostPapa nameservers that were included in your HostPapa welcome email.

2. Improperly configured software or Apache settings:
In some cases, if you reconfigured your software or Apache settings, it can prevent the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate from installing properly. If you personally edited or manipulated your security settings, redirections or .htaccess file, your updates could be causing the SSL installation failure.

3. There is an SSL already installed and running on your account:
If you already have a valid SSL certificate installed from GlobalSign or another provider, HostPapa won’t attempt to install a Let’s Encrypt certificate on your account.

If you are unable to diagnose the issue on your own, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our PapaSquad and ask for help. Just login to your dashboard and open a support ticket.

To better understand the limitations and restrictions of SSL certificates, read this article.

For information about how to install third party SSL certificates on your HostPapa site, read this article.

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