How to publish an iWeb site

You can now build your website completely in iWeb and publish it to whichever web host you choose (even a non-.mac server), using the iWeb FTP publishing function.

Follow these steps to publish your iWeb site with HostPapa:

  1. Launch iWeb on your computer and open the website you wish to publish.

  2. Click on the name of the site you wish to publish in the sidebar on the left of the iWeb window.

  3. A Site Publishing Settings window will appear. In the Publish to drop-down box, select FTP server.

  4. Enter your site name (NOT your domain name) in Site name.
    NOTE: Your site’s current name (which is the name that appears in the iWeb sidebar) automatically appears in this field. If you type a new name in this field, the name of the website in the sidebar also changes.

  5. Enter your e-mail address (optional) in Contact email.

  6. Fill in the FTP Server Settings. You will receive this information from your HostPapa hosting service:
    • Server address: the address of the server you are uploading your iWeb site to.
    • Username: your HostPapa account username.
    • Password: your HostPapa account password.
    • Directory/Path: this is the directory (or folder) you are uploading the site to on the host. server. For example, if you want to publish to the public folder on the server, you should enter “/public_html.”
    • Protocol: This is the way files are transferred to the hosting server. It should read “FTP.”
    • Port: Port 21 is the default for publishing using FTP
  7. Click Test Connection to make sure you’ve typed everything in correctly.
  8. Fill in the Website URL field with your website address (
  9. If you would like to update your Facebook profile when you publish your site, select the box beside Update my Facebook profile when I publish this site. Log in with your Facebook information if requested (and if you have an existing Facebook account).
  10. Look through your site to make sure everything is in order.
  11. Click the Publish Site at the bottom of the iWeb window.
  12. A Contents Rights box may appear. Click Continue.

Your site is now published!

Need more help? Please open a support ticket here:

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