Everything you need to know about CloudLinux and server resource limits

What is Cloud Linux?

The most common reason for downtime in shared web hosting is a single account compromising server performance for all the other accounts that share the same server. CloudLinux essentially creates a virtual environment for each account on a shared web hosting server and allows the HostPapa system administrators to monitor the number of resources any single account can use.

What causes excessive shared Linux web hosting server usage?

On shared web hosting servers, a finite amount of resources are available for use at any given time for all users on that shared server. If one customer on the shared server begins using excessive resources, it negatively impacts the website and email performance of all other customers sharing that same server. Thanks to CloudLinux, the HostPapa system administrators can monitor CPU usage and disk usage for excessive use, which allows them to detect abusive accounts before they cause problems for other customers.

How to view your shared Linux web hosting server usage

Thanks to CloudLinux, it’s easy to view your shared server resource usage to ensure your website’s usage isn’t negatively impacting your website, email system or any other customers who share your server. If you’re using too many resources, you may find your website will load slower, images won’t display correctly, and the overall viewer experience may be compromised.

Do I need to upgrade to VPS?

Most of the blogs and small business websites online run on shared web hosting plans. Shared hosting is economical and a great place to start; however, some webmasters find that they outgrow the shared hosting resources provided as their businesses grow and need to upgrade to a more robust solution, such as Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. 

How to minimize your shared Linux web hosting server usage

Except for managing traffic surges, the best way to avoid excessive server resource usage is to minimize your website’s bandwidth usage by reducing image size, utilizing caching and reducing the number of plugins or modules on your website.

What are the restrictions of shared Linux web hosting?

Shared hosting plans are subject to account and server monitoring to reduce cases of excessive usage. Check out our detailed server resource usage specification chart to learn the specific allowances, restrictions and limitations of our Start, Plus, Pro, and Ultra Linux hosting plans. If you have one of our previous plans (Starter, Business, and Business Pro), check out this KB article instead.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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