How-to guide for Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers so many different apps to help people work smarter through easy collaboration and maximum productivity. To help you utilize all the apps, we’ve created this how-to guide for each one of the applications included in Google Workspace. 

Each section includes questions you may have, as well as a link to Google’s help center for that app. From there, just write your question or scroll through the content to find solutions to your doubts. 


Gmail is an easy-to-use email application. Visit Gmail’s help center here if you need help with anything related to this app or have questions like:  

  • How to set up your Gmail account
  • How to set up MX records for Gmail
  • How to give a Gmail user an additional alias 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar helps you quickly organize your schedule, view colleagues’ calendars, set up meetings, and send invitations. Visit Google Workspace’s Calendar support here if you need help with things like: 

  • How to schedule an appointment through Google Calendar
  • How to invite people to a meeting in Google Calendar
  • How to view others’ calendars in Google Calendar

Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud-based word processing application. Google offers plenty of training and support to learn all about Google Docs, which can be found here. Follow that link to answer all your Google Doc questions, like: 

  • How to create a Google Doc
  • How to change a Google Doc into a Word document
  • How to share a Google Doc with others

Google Slides

Google Slides allows you to create beautiful and collaborative presentations. You can find trainings and plenty of information about how to create, improve and share presentations here. Following this link can help you answer doubts like: 

  • How to add images to presentations in Slides
  • How to choose a template in Slides
  • How to change the size of a slide in Google Slides

Google Sheets

Google Sheets helps you make and format spreadsheets. You can find trainings to learn about how to use Google Sheets or find answers to your questions here. Doubts you may have could include: 

  • How to share a Sheets document
  • How to create a drop-down menu in Sheets
  • How to format a table in Sheets

Google Forms

Google Forms is a user-friendly app that lets you easily make questionnaires that can be sent to others. Find Google Form tutorials, answers to your questions, and how-to guides here. Questions you may have about Google Forms include: 

  • How to add questions in Google Forms
  • How to reorder questions in Google Forms
  • How to see responses in Google Forms

Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create and publish internal sites to make sharing information easy. If you’ve never used it, you might want to know: 

  • How to add a page in Google Sites
  • How to link to another site in Google Sites

To find answers to these questions and anything else you want to know about Google Sites, visit this website

Google Chat

Google Chat lets you communicate instantly by instant message, voice, or video directly from your Gmail inbox. This site can help you find all the information you need to start using this chatting platform, including finding answers to questions like: 

  • How to create a room in Google Chat
  • How to change your status to away in Google Chat
  • How to send a message in Google Chat

Google Keep

Google Keep is a perfect place to write notes, lists, or short reminders that you don’t want to forget. Visit this site if you have any questions about how to use Google Keep. Some questions you may have include: 

  • How to use Google Keep
  • How to move notes in Google Keep
  • How to delete a note in Google Keep

Google Meet

Google Meet helps you easily organize and hold video calls with others around the world. If you need help using Google Meet, you can find plenty of information here.  By visiting this site, you can find answers to questions like: 

  • How to create breakout rooms in Google Meet
  • How to start a meeting in Google Meet
  • How to share your screen in a Google Meet meeting

Google Drive

Google Drive is the ideal place to store all your virtual documents. To find answers to all your questions about Google Drive, visit this website. It’ll help you find answers to questions like: 

  • How to share a document in Google Drive
  • How to get a link in Google Drive
  • How to create a folder in Google Drive


Currents lets you share information, ideas, and updates with colleagues around the world as though it were a digital bulletin board. Go to this website to find answers to all your questions about Currents, like: 

  • How to use Currents
  • How to create a post in Currents
  • How to join a community in Currents


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