How to create and use Google App Passwords

The Google App Password is now used to set up SMTP plugins or applications. A 16-digit App Password grants access to a less secure app or device with your Google Account. Two-factor authentication (2FA for short) is required to use an app password.

If you don’t have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you’ll find the setup guide at the end of this article.

If the application you want to use doesn’t have the “Sign in with Google” option or after the 2-Step Verification you get an “incorrect password” error, you can try to set up an App Password to log in.

How to create and use Google App Passwords

  1. Access the MyAccount page.

  2. Click on Security.

  3. Access App Passwords located under “Signing in to Google.” You might have to log in before you can proceed. Possible reasons you don’t have this option include:

    2-Step Verification isn’t configured for your account.
    2-Step Verification is only configured for security keys.
    This is a work, school, or another organization account.

  4. Advanced Protection is turned on.

  5. Choose Select app at the bottom, then select the app you’re using.

  6. Click Select device and choose the device you’re currently working on.

  7. Click Generate.

  8. Simply key in the App Password when prompted. The 16-character string on your device’s yellow bar is the App Password.

  9. Click Done.

Note: Google will revoke your App Passwords when you change your Google Account password. You’ll need to generate a new App Password.

How to turn on 2-Step Verification

  1. Access the MyAccount page.

  2. Click on Security.

  3. Access 2-Step Verification under “Signing in to Google” and click Get Started.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If this is a work, school, or another organizational account, these steps might not work. If you can’t configure the 2-Step Verification, please contact us for help.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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