How to access Google Workspace offline

The world doesn’t stop when you’re away from an Internet connection, and Google Workspace will allow you to work on email, docs, and calendars when you’re offline.


Google has developed the Gmail app, which enables users to use Gmail offline, so no matter where you are, and whether there’s an Internet connection, you can still access and work on your emails. The app is available to anyone using any browser.

But how does it work if you’re not connected to the Internet? The synchronization process occurs in the background while you are working online in Google, providing a backup on your computer. While offline, Gmail looks a little different from the online version, but most of the familiar actions (such as, “reply all” or “label”) can be found under the double downward arrows at the top right of the screen. When you connect to the Internet again, all the pending actions (such as sending email, archiving, etc.) will be performed.

Docs and Calendar

Google Calendar and Google Docs let you seamlessly transition between on- and offline modes. When you’re offline in Google Calendar, you can view events from your calendars and RSVP to appointments. With Google Docs you can view documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings, and edit files you have stored in your Google Drive when you don’t have a connection. To get started, just click the gear icon at the top right corner of the web app – this takes you to your account settings – and select the option for offline access.

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