How HostPapa Automated Website Backup works

HostPapa Automated Website Backup supports the backup of bit-level changes of files configured for backup. In other words, after an initial full backup is complete, all subsequent backups will only save those files that have changed or been updated.

Here’s how it works:

Within 24 hours after signing up for HostPapa Automated Website Backup, a full backup of all the files and folders in your web hosting account is completed. From that point on, whenever HostPapa Website Backup creates a restore point, it compares the current state of the website with the full backup. It then backs up only the data on the website that is different from what is in the backup. This includes files that have been added, files that have been changed and even files that have been deleted. If only a part of a file has changed, HostPapa Automated Website Backup creates a backup of only the changed part instead of the entire file. This saves time and disk space.

For example:

Monday: Activate HostPapa Automated Website Backup; a full backup is completed

Tuesday: Only files that changed since Monday’s full backup are saved

Wednesday: Only files that changed since Monday’s full backup are saved. This includes changes made on Tuesday, too. Everything that is different is recorded.

By saving only small amounts of data, backups can be completed quickly and maximize your storage space.

Some additional technical information:

In an initial full backup schedule, a signature (checksum) is generated for each file, which is then stored in the internal database. These entire files are then transferred to the backup server.

During the subsequent incremental backup schedules, HostPapa Automated Website Backup will upload the changed bytes of the modified file to the backup server based on the signature/checksum of the initial full backup data (which is stored locally) using the well known RSync algorithm. HostPapa Automated Website Backup will back up only the differences from the last backup during the incremental backups.

How to get Automated Website Backup:

Activating Automated Website backup is easy! Check our own Automated Website Backup service page to get further information about its benefits and take the first step to activate this service for your website.

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