How to customize formats and fonts in Sheets

Like many applications in Google Workspace, Sheets comes with many customizable features such as text formats, cell formats, filters, functions, and more.

In your spreadsheet, select the cells you want to customize, then use the menus and toolbar to change their formats.

Use the arrows undo redo at the top of the page to undo or redo your last changes.

The paint roller paintroller can copy the formatting from one section of text and apply it to another section.

Format your data as currency, percentages, dates, times, plain text, or other options $%123.

Change font or font size font.

Add font styles such as bold, italics, underline, and font color fontformats.

Add or edit cell borders cellborders.

Merge cells merge cells.

Choose text alignment textalignment.

Insert links, comments,, or charts linkscommentscharts.

Filter your data filter data.

Add functions function.

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