How to clear the cache in Drupal

When you make changes to Drupal code or change settings via the administration dashboard, you may need to clear Drupal’s cache in order to view your tweaks. The Drupal cache can be cleared from the administration dashboard, using the command line (VPS servers only) or by making changes to the Drupal database.

Clear the Drupal cache via the administration dashboard

Log in to Drupal as an administrator and navigate to Configuration > Performance.


Click Clear all caches to proceed.

Clear all caches

Clear the Drupal cache via the command line

VPS users can log in to their servers using SSH and clear the Drupal cache using the cache-rebuild command.

Once logged in, navigate to your Drupal site root directory. Then, enter the following command:

drush cache-rebuild

Now reload the Drupal page you were working on in your web browser.

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