GDPR and Domain Privacy

In this article, we will focus on how GDPR affects domain registrants. What is GDPR? The legal terms and details of GDPR are described in articles like What is the GDPR?, Does the GDPR Affect Non-EU Businesses?, How the GDPR Affects You and What HostPapa is Doing With These Changes, […]

Domain Reseller Guide

Congratulations on becoming a HostPapa Domains Reseller! We’ll cover some basic but essential operations for you as a domain reseller in this guide. Logging in To login, please open the following link in your browser: Make sure to use the username and password provided by HostPapa in the Domains […]

How to point your HostPapa domain to Wix

In order to use a domain name registered by HostPapa with Wix, you have to work on both Wix and HostPapa accounts. On your HostPapa account: 1. Login to cPanel from your HostPapa Dashboard >> My cPanel section. 2. Access Zone Editor feature. 3. Click Manage button for the domain […]