How to add colors and styles within a Google Doc

Like many of the features of Google Workspace, there are many ways to customize Google Docs to ensure that your document looks just the way you want it to.

To change margins, page color, and orientation, click File > Page setup.

Use the toolbar to customize your document further. Here are some highlights:

Undo or redo undo redo your last changes.

Use the paint roller paintroller to copy formatting from one section of text and apply it to another section.

Zoom zoom.

Assign styles for headings and titles headers.

Change font and font size font.

Add bold or italics, underline, or change the font color fontformats.

Insert a link link for selected text.

Insert a comment comment1.

Choose text alignment textalignment2.

Choose line spacing, bulleted and numbered lists, indents, background colors, and other tools more.

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