What are the HostPapa nameservers?

In this article, we will explain what a nameserver is and where you can find HostPapa’s nameservers. 

What is a nameserver?

A nameserver is a computer that hosts DNS (Domain Name System) zone files. DNS converts these files from human-readable domain names (e.g. example.com) into computer-readable IP addresses (e.g. Learn more about DNS here

HostPapa’s nameserver details will be sent to you in a welcome email when you purchase a domain or hosting service. You can also find these nameserver details through your HostPapa Dashboard.

How to find HostPapa’s nameservers

Option 1: HostPapa welcome email

This is what your HostPapa welcome email will look like:

What is a nameserver?

If you have a hosting plan at HostPapa, your nameservers will be:



Note: You can request a private nameserver if you have a Reseller or VPS plan by opening a support ticket through your HostPapa Dashboard

Option 2: HostPapa Dashboard

1) To find your nameserver details, log in to your HostPapa Dashboard.


2) Select My Domains.


3) Your registered domains will be listed. Find the domain you wish to transfer and click Details.


4) Click the Nameservers tab to see your HostPapa nameservers.


Private nameservers

If you purchased a reseller or VPS plan, you may request Private Nameservers, which are your own DNS nameservers. They use your domain, such as ns1.yourdomainname.com and ns2.yourdomainname.com, instead of HostPapa’s name. 

More information

Check out the following Knowledge Base articles to learn more about domains.

How to use the DNS Zone Editor

How to re-point your domain name

Video tutorials: Domain server setup & transfer

If you need help with your HostPapa nameserver, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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