Live Chat – Connectivity Issues

In case you ever experienced sudden disconnection issues whenever you interacted with our Live Chat support channel/widget, please be aware that HostPapa and all of our Customer Support Representatives would never close an ongoing chat with any of our clients.

We value your business and we’re always there to help with any of your concerns. It is our goal to make sure that everything is set up on your end and to remove any obstacles from your way of pursuing your goals and achieving your web hosting needs.

Whenever you’re getting disconnected from Live Chat while using the widget on our website and the customer support representative hasn’t finished the conversation with you, please be aware that this could be due to the following reasons:

  • Enabled VPN services or any other privacy software installed on your device
  • 3rd party browser extensions designed to block certain browser session cookies

We have conducted a thorough investigation into this and we have managed to find a couple of extensions that would cause this behavior:

In the case of the Mozilla user, the extension was: Privacy Badger (

In the case of the Chrome user, the extension was the built-in third-party cookie blocker (

These extensions block LiveChat third-party cookies used to store and carry the existing chat to a new URL. Therefore, when changing the page, the LiveChat widget will restart.

There is a wide number of extensions available that perform the same function as the two listed above.

During the tests, we also found out that there are a number of customers that use a VPN connection when accessing LiveChat. There are a lot of VPN services available and some of them have local connection issues and also some of the IPs they provide are blacklisted.

It’s impossible for us to account for all the software solutions and browser extensions that would cause this and therefore, we have a simple solution that you can apply in order to make sure that this will be prevented in the future.

Whenever you’re going to interact with our Live Chat widget on our website, please make sure to:

  • Turn off any VPN or other privacy software solutions
  • Use an incognito window in your browser or better, have a completely different browser with no extensions installed

This would ensure that everything will work completely fine if you have previously experienced this particular issue whenever chatting with our support department.

If you have any questions about this matter, our Customer Support Representatives are available 24/7, 365 days a year through either Live Chat, Phone, or ticket.

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