How to change your HostPapa primary domain

If you would like to change the primary domain name associated with your HostPapa account, you can do so at any time by completing the following steps:

Please note: There is no fee to change your primary domain name; however, there are important implications to consider when making this change. These implications are outlined below under “IMPORTANT INFORMATION”.

1. Purchase the domain name that will become your new primary domain by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your HostPapa dashboard:

  1. Click on My Domains.

  1. Click on Register New Domain.

  1. Fill out the secure form and click Continue.

2. Open a support ticket to request a primary domain name change

Once you’ve purchased your new domain name, please request a primary domain change by submitting a support ticket.

Please include your account’s current primary domain name as well as the new domain name you wish to designate as your primary domain name.

To open a support ticket, please log in to your HostPapa dashboard:


What happens to your “former” primary domain?

Upon completion of the primary domain change, your former primary domain becomes an addon domain service within your HostPapa billing account. It is not automatically cancelled.

Should you no longer need this former primary domain, please use the automated cancellation process to cancel this service. If you leave that domain service active, you will be charged for its renewal.

More info on using the automated cancellation process is available here:

Email addresses

All email addresses associated with your primary domain will be automatically updated to use your new primary domain. For example, will become

Existing emails within your account will not be affected, and your webmail password will remain the same. You will, however, need to update the username in your email client to reflect the new domain name.

Are you keeping your former primary domain name and wish to continue using email through this domain? If so, you must add your former primary domain as an addon domain in your cPanel. More info about setting up addon domains is available here:

Content management systems

If your website uses a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, etc., your website may go offline when the primary domain is changed (step 2 above). To fix this, you must edit the domain name in the CMS database once the primary domain change has been completed.

To ensure minimal downtime, please familiarize yourself with how to make this change before submitting your primary domain change request, as HostPapa will not be able to make this CMS database update on your behalf.

Additional HostPapa services

Any additional HostPapa services associated with your former primary domain (including Domain Privacy, Domain Registration, Sitelock) will remain associated with that former domain, even after the primary domain change has been completed. If you would like any of these services to be associated with your new primary domain, you will need to purchase them again once the primary domain has been changed.

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