HostPapa and CGI Scripts

HostPapa fully supports CGI scripts.

Setting up a contact form is roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the HTML source code that actually renders this form in a web page. In this source code, each of the three text input boxes is identified by a unique “control name.”

The second part of the form is a form mail script (kind of like a little program) that is configured and placed in a special folder in your website’s root directory called cgi-bin. When the user clicks on the Submit button, the form mail script is called into action. The form mail script uses the text

box control names to collect and organize the information entered into the form, and then sends it off as an email.

If the information is being inputted into the form but nothing is happening, it is likely the form was not configured properly.

HostPapa does not provide support for the creation and/or coding of our clients’ websites; unfortunately our support on topics such as this is very limited.

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