CS-Cart system requirements

The CS-Cart system requirements include the required and recommended environment and configuration that will allow you to run a reliable, high-performance CS-Cart storefront.

Server environment

Component Requirement or recommendation HostPapa server status
PHP Version 5.3.6, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, or 7 Version 7.0 with 5.6 available
MySQL MySQL version 4.1 or higher (MySQLi or pdo_mysql should be supported) Version 5.6, MySQLi is supported
Operating system A Unix-like operating system for your server, such as FreeBSD, Linux, or OS X Linux
Web server Apache or Nginx Apache
SELinux Disabled Disabled
AppArmor Disabled Disabled

PHP configuration

PHP directives Requirement or recommendation HostPapa server status
safe_mode Disabled Disabled
file_uploads Enabled Enabled
allow_url_fopen Enabled Enabled

The following PHP functions are required by CS-Cart and are enabled on HostPapa servers:

  • ini_set
  • ftp_exec
  • ftp_connect
  • ftp_login
  • ftp_get
  • ftp_put
  • ftp_nb_fput
  • ftp_raw
  • ftp_rawlist
  • mysql_pconnect
  • eva
  • system
  • exec
  • shell_exec
  • passthru
  • escapeshellarg
  • escapeshellcmd
  • set_time_limit
PHP extensions Required or recommended Enabled on HostPapa servers?
GD or Imagick Required GD – Yes
cURL Required Yes
mbstring Required Yes
Phar Required Yes
ZipArchive Required Yes
OpenSSL Recommended Yes
OPCache Recommended Yes

Apache configuration

Apache modules Requirement Enabled on HostPapa servers?
mod_rewrite Enabled Yes
mod_headers Enabled Yes
mod_ssl Enabled Yes
mod_security Disabled No
mod_deflate Enabled (recommended) Yes

The following .htaccess directives are required by CS-Cart and are allowed on HostPapa servers:

  • DirectoryIndex
  • Deny
  • Allow
  • Options
  • Order
  • AddHandler
  • RewriteEngine
  • Rewrite Base
  • RewriteCond
  • RewriteRule

If you have any questions or need help, contact HostPapa support by opening a support ticket. Details about how to open a support ticket are here.

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