How to Add Random Header Image to Your WordPress Blog

When you create a WordPress blog, you will most probably select a theme. The theme has a built-in support for background and header images. WordPress themes that support custom headers define a header area displaying an image. Header images improve the look and feel of the site. They can provide […]

How to set up and use the blog feature in Moodle 3

In Moodle 3, the blog feature is enabled by default and all site users have their own blog. To disable Moodle blogs, log in as an administrator and go to Site administration > Advanced features and clear the Enable blogs check box. User blog settings User blog settings are applied to individual user […]

How to set a static front page for my WordPress blog

When you activate a new theme by default WordPress displays your most recent posts on your site’s home page. Many themes are designed with a static front page instead. This “static front page” look is common for users desiring static or welcoming information on the homepage of their site. The […]

How to set your WordPress blog to private

To stop search engines from indexing your site go to Settings > Reading and check Discourage search engines from indexing this site. This will discourage search engines from indexing your site (including your site in search results), but it is up to the search engines to honour this request. Making […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Excerpt

A WordPress excerpt is a summary of a long article, and it is normally used as an alternative to displaying the full content of a post on the blog index and archives.  Displaying a full article is not practical. With excerpts, you can only show short summaries: Will My Theme […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Taxonomy

In this article, you will learn what taxonomies are and how they apply to your WordPress site. If you’re new to the world of WordPress, you may be confused about the term, but it’s actually a very basic concept. In short, taxonomies help you categorize the contents of your WordPress […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress admin dashboard, or the WP admin panel or WP Admin, is the control panel for every feature on your WordPress website. It’s the place where you create and organize content, add functionalities, manage plugins, change your theme, and much more.  The WordPress admin dashboard is the key to […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Tags

A WordPress tag is a tool that helps you categorize your posts. A post can contain many tags, and clicking on one of them can help you find other posts with the same tag. Unlike categories, tags are optional, so there is no need to add tags to a post […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Slug

A WordPress slug is the bit of text that comes after your domain name in the URL of a WordPress page. It’s the part of the URL that identifies each page on your site, except for the home. For example: As displayed in the above image, you will sometimes see […]