Website migration vs domain name transfer

Transferring a domain name and migrating your website to HostPapa are both easy processes, but they need to be completed separately. In this article, we will explain the difference between website migration and domain name transfer so you can have a smooth transition from your current provider to HostPapa. 

Transferring a Domain Name

A domain name is the unique URL that directs to your website (for example, Domain names are registered with domain registrars. Only one person or organization has rights to a given domain. Registering a domain name doesn’t mean that you are creating a website; it just gives you the right to use that URL. 

Transferring a domain name to HostPapa means that you’re moving your domain name (URL) from a different registrar (domain name provider) to HostPapa.

Note: Depending on the domain extension (.com, .ca, .info, etc.), a domain name transfer can take up to 7 days. Also, keep in mind that the domain name can be transferred without migrating your website content. 

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Website migration

On the other hand, when we talk about websites, we are referring to the content seen when you enter a URL like, like web pages and videos. That content needs to live on a web server, provided by a web hosting service like HostPapa, in order to be found via a URL. Migrating your website means copying your website content from one server to another. It’s  usually a very fast process, and our team will do it for you! All we need is the login credentials of the old host or a complete backup of your website.

When migrating your website content, nothing will be removed from the old server, as the content is simply copied, not moved. The transfer will begin offline and won’t affect your online website on the former host. 

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More Information

Because website migration and domain name transfer are two separate processes, they can’t be completed at the same time. We recommend that you request website migration first, then complete your domain name transfer.

Sometimes, customers might think that a website hosting plan means getting domain registration. Even though there are web hosting plans that may include domain registration, this is not necessarily true. Some customers prefer to register their domain with a different company than the one providing the web hosting service. Check out the following links to learn more about the differences between domain registration and web hosting. 

Blog post: Web Hosting vs. Domain Registration

Video: Difference Between Web Hosting & Domains

If you need help migrating your website and transferring your domain to HostPapa, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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