Issue: FTP connections dropping

There are several reasons why an FTP connection may keep dropping. Although issues may vary depending on the local machine and environment, a few options to explore first are:

  • Too many simultaneous connections to the server. FTP programs open multiple connections to the server in order to speed up the upload process, but the server can support only eight simultaneous connections. You will need to check your FTP program documentation to see if there is a way to limit the maximum number of simultaneous connections.

  • Local firewall or anti-virus software is severing the connection. To check this, TEMPORARILY deactivate your firewall/anti-virus software and try again. (Make sure to check your local Windows firewall if you are running Windows.)

  • Your connection through your ISP is being severed. To check this, contact your ISP and ask them to give you an FTP test.

  • The server is not responding or is having issues. If this is the case, please visit your HostPapa dashboard and open a support ticket by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Dashboard:

  1. Click on My Support.

  1. Click on the Open New Ticket tab.

  1. Your Name and Email Address will be prepopulated.

  1. Enter a Subject, choose the department you wish to submit the ticket to and enter the Ticket Details.

  1. If required, you may also add an attachment.

  1. Click the orange Submit button.

If none of these solutions work, the problems may vary depending on the local machine you are using and the environment.

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