How to fix data import problems during CS-Cart installation

If you encounter problems importing data during the CS-Cart installation, you may need to adjust the connection time limit to your MySQL server.

1) Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard.

2) Click on My cPanel.


3) Click File Manager.


4) Now, you need to update your config.php file with the new connection time limit. In the cPanel File manager directory tree, click the root directory of your CS-Cart installation. 

5) In the file list, locate config.php. Right-click the file and select Edit.

6) In the confirmation box, click Edit to open the file in the editor.

7) In the file, locate the following line:


Replace SECONDS_IN_HOUR with 29. You can also change the comment // 1 hour to // 29 seconds. Because text that begins with a double slash (//) is a comment, making this change doesn’t affect how the configuration file functions, but it keeps the comment accurate. The line should now look like this:

define('INSTALL_DB_EXECUTION', 29); // 29 seconds

9) Click Save Changes, then click Close.

The connection time limit to the MySQL server is now 29 seconds. Try the CS-Cart installation again. 

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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