Using the Tumblr Widget

Note: This article refers to the legacy version of the Website Builder. If you signed up to the HostPapa Website Builder after March 11 2020, you’re on the new version of the Website Builder. For help, go here.

HostPapa Website Builder has integrated Tumblr into the website builder. Tumblr is a blog hosting platform that allows you to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to your Tumblelog. If you’re currently blogging on Tumblr, you can integrate your Tumblelog into your HostPapa Website Builder site with our easy-to-use widget. Here’s how:

  1. Click on Widgets > Media.
  2. Drag and drop the Tumblr Blog Widget onto your site.
  3. Sign in using your Tumble credentials. (Don’t have a Tumblr account yet? You can sign up via the widget in two easy steps).
  4. Your Tumblr feed will be seamlessly integrated into your website.

Please note: If you have HostPapa Website Builder blog posts, they won’t be integrated into your Tumblr feed and can’t be imported into your Tumblr account. However, it’s possible to copy and paste the content from your HostPapa Website Builder blog into your Tumblr feed. You can then start blogging exclusively with Tumblr and have all your content in the same place. You won’t be able to edit your posts through the Tumblr Widget, but updating them in your Tumblr account will update them instantly on your HostPapa Website Builder site.

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