Redirecting to Wix


There are two ways to redirect a domain name to Wix. Either can be done with a HostPapa account, but there are some things to remember.

Update the DNS entries
This is the most straight-forward option. If your domain name is registered through HostPapa, simply submit a ticket with the new DNS entries.

Unfortunately, Wix does not support email services. If you change DNS entries on a domain name to link it to a Wix account, you will not be able to have any email addresses that use your domain (for example, if your domain is, you cannot have email addresses).

Create an A Record
Instead of DNS entries, an A Record can be used to redirect the “website” part of the domain name to Wix, while leaving the email service active at HostPapa. This will let you continue to have email addresses that use your domain name, though you will need to log in to your HostPapa account to view your emails.

It doesn’t matter if your domain is registered through HostPapa. As long as the domain name links to a HostPapa hosting account, an A Record can be set up.

In order to use an A Record, you must keep your HostPapa hosting account active.

To open a support ticket, please log in to your HostPapa dashboard:

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