How to prepare your AbanteCart store to go live

With your AbanteCart store configured and personalized, you’re almost ready to go live. However, there are a number of recommended and mandatory steps you should take before your first day of trading.

  1. Secure your AbanteCart configuration. Following installation of AbanteCart, you should ensure the INSTALL directory has been deleted to prevent unauthorized access. You can do this by accessing your HostPapa server via FTP, or using File Manager in cPanel. Also set secure permissions for your AbanteCart /system/config.php. This file should be set to read and execute (0444) only.
  2. Install an SSL certificate for your website. During installation, you had the option to configure AbanteCart with a secure https:// domain. If you do not have an SSL certificate for your website, you should purchase and install one to secure your customers’ data. Find out more about SSL Certificates in the following HostPapa knowledge base article: Everything you need to know about SSL certificates
  3. Add and test your shipping options. If your store is shipping physical goods, be sure to add one or more shipping options (e.g. UPS, FedEx) to your store. Test the configuration fully to ensure shipping charges are correct for a range of basket sizes.
  4. Put your payment processor in live mode. A payment gateway (for example, PayPal or Stripe) is required to process payments in AbanteCart. Before opening your store, be sure to set up an account with a provider and ensure the gateway is live in the AbanteCart administration panel.
  5. Test payment processing and tax calculation. With your payment gateways configured, it’s a good idea to perform some test purchases to ensure the processing works as intended. Test all of your payment gateways if possible. When your test orders are complete, be sure to check the tax rate and total order value to ensure your tax settings are correct.
  6. Confirm order receipt and confirmation emails. Head to Sales > Orders in the AbanteCart administration dashboard to confirm your test orders were received. Make sure that your test customers received their order confirmation and shipping details via email. The store owner should also receive an order notification by email. You can change your AbanteCart notification settings via System > Settings > Mail.
  7. Verify customer registration. Register some dummy customer accounts from the front end of your site. Then, in the administration dashboard, visit Sales > Customers to confirm the new customer records exist. You can delete the records before going live.
  8. Reset your store’s invoice and order start number. Once you’ve made some test purchases, in the AbanteCart administration dashboard, head to System > Settings > Checkout to reset your invoice number. Then, do the same for your order numbers.
  9. Add a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page to your site. Your store should include a Privacy Policy alongside clear Terms & Conditions for site purchases. You can add or edit your policies in the administration dashboard in Design > Content.
  10. Ensure your contact details are clearly displayed. To ensure customers can get in touch with you in case of a query, make sure your contact details are prominently displayed at your store. Head to System > Settings > Details in the AbanteCart administration dashboard to add your contact details, including a phone number.
  11. Set up Google Analytics. If you wish to track and receive reports on visitors to your store, you can use Google Analytics with AbanteCart. Once your Google Analytics account has been set up, visit System > Settings > General in the AbanteCart administration dashboard to configure integration. Find out more about setting up a Google Analytics account with this HostPapa knowledge base article: How to use Google Analytics on your website
  12. Make sure your currency exchange rates are up to date. If you’re displaying prices in multiple currencies, you should ensure your exchange rates are up to date. You can do so in System > Localization > Currencies.

Find out more

For more information about AbanteCart, please visit and HostPapa’s knowledge base.

For further questions or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how.

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