How to manage shipping methods in AbanteCart

Shipping methods in AbanteCart are set up using extensions. To access the shipping extensions, select the Extensions –> Shipping menu.

Shipping Extensions

Special shipping module settings

There are two special settings used for all shipping extensions in AbanteCart:

  • Auto Select – When only one shipping option is available to your customers, setting Auto Select automatically skips the shipping selection page during ordering.
  • Accept These Payments – When only specific payment methods are accepted for a shipping method, specify them in Accept These Payments. If you select nothing here, all payment methods will be available.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are determined by the shipping rates as established through the shipping method and the following product shipping settings:

  • Requires Shipping – Set to ON to enable shipping for this product.
  • Free Shipping – Enable this setting to allow free shipping.
  • Ship Product Individually – This setting is typically used with fixed shipping pricing. A product set with Ship Product Individually will ship in a separate package, and an additional shipping cost will be added to the order. Requires that Fix Shipping Price be set.
  • Fixed Shipping Price – Sets a fix shipping price for the product.

About shipping rates: weight and length classes

Most shipping vendors require you to set product weight and length classes. You set those classes up by selecting the System –> Localization –> Weight Classes and System –> Localization –> Length Classes menus. For weight classes, the class you set to 1.00000 acts as the base weight class for all other weight classes. All other weights in the Weight Classes page are a factor of the base weight class.

Shipping Extensions

Shipping Extensions

Core AbanteCart shipping methods

All AbanteCart shipping methods are set up as extensions. The core AbanteCart shipping methods are:

  • FedEx
  • Royal Mail
  • Parcelforce 48
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Per Item – price entered in the Cost field is multiplied by the number of products ordered.
  • Free Shipping – used to apply only to orders within the specified shipping areas, or to limit free shipping to orders over a certain amount.
  • Flat Rate – used to simplify shipping cost calculations – set a standard flat rate for all shipping.
  • Weight Based Shipping – base rates on the total weight of all products ordered.
  • Pickup From Store – used to enable customer pickup from store to save on shipping and delivery charges.

Go to Extensions –> Shipping to activate the core shipping extensions you need. Some will require further adjustment; click the Edit icon for any shipping extension to modify it.

Other third-party AbanteCart shipping extensions

There are several third-party AbanteCart shipping extensions available that you can install from the Extension Marketplace:

  • ShipStation Integration – used with ShipStation, a web-based shipping solution.
  • Price Based Shipping – used to set up shipping charges based on the total order amount or subtotal.
  • Flate rate plus free freight – used to set an amount of freight cost for each defined location where cost is free.
  • Correios Shipping Integration
  • Canada Post Integration
  • Purolator Shipping
  • Australia Post
  • Delhivery

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