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HostPapa Connect:
Email marketing, simplified

HostPapa Connect's powerful email marketing software makes it easy to create, send, deliver, and track high-performing, eye-catching email campaigns.

  • Extremely effective marketing – yet simple to use
  • Create social buzz and boost customer loyalty
  • Supported by a team you know and trust

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HostPapa Connect: Make sure your email
campaigns are delivered – and read!

Think of HostPapa Connect as your personal email marketing expert. Create, send, deliver, and track high-performing, eye-catching email campaigns. Easy enough for first-timers to use, yet sophisticated enough for seasoned email marketers, HostPapa Connect lets you make connections that last.

Create stunning email campaigns

Build engaging marketing campaigns and newsletters using our templates, our free form editor, or by uploading your own code.

Easy list management

Keeping track of new subscribers, unsubscribes, and bounces can be a headache. That's why we do it for you, automatically!

98% or better deliverability rate

Our servers are configured for email marketing, with the power to successfully send millions of emails a day.

Robust reporting

HostPapa Connect gives you all the statistics, including who opened your email and who clicked, at no additional charge.

Google Analytics

Full integration! Track traffic, conversions, and revenue through HostPapa Connect reports and your Google dashboard.


Use this time-saving tool to execute effective drip campaigns; automatically send welcome emails, follow-up messages, reminders, and birthday greetings.

Social sharing

Email is social, too! Auto-tweet your campaigns and let your subscribers share your message via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Multiple users

Add users to your account at any time, with the flexibility to assign each a different set of permissions.

Plans & Pricing

Find a pricing plan to fit your needs

Monthly pricing plans with unlimited sending

Sign up as a monthly subscriber and you'll receive unlimited sending to your permission-based lists. For 15% off* our standard prices, simply sign up for a year of service.

  Maximum number of contacts in your list
Monthly Fee$15.00$19.00$29.00$49.00$74.00$150.00$299.00

High volume sending

Do you need a high volume sending account with over 50,000 contacts? Email us at sales@hostpapasupport.com for details.

Pay as you go plans (No monthly fee)

Instead of paying a monthly subscription price, you can purchase "blocks of sends" or send credits and use them at any time. Blocks don't expire and there is no recurring monthly fee.

Send Credits1,0002,5005,00010,00025,00050,00070,000100,000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reach your contacts with effective email marketing

HostPapa Connect will help you create powerful email marketing campaigns that get noticed. Our easy-to-use tools let you create, test, and tweak your email for maximum impact and deliverability. We'll also help you connect to the latest social networks to further extend your reach.

Please read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions about HostPapa Connect and email marketing.

Monthly subscription
With a monthly subscription, you will be billed a monthly fee for the total number of contacts in your account. You can send an unlimited number of messages to those contacts.

Pay as you go
With pay as you go, you may purchase blocks of email "sends," and use them as needed. When you run out, you can purchase more. There is no monthly subscription fee, and no expiration date on your credits.

If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, you may purchase additional block send credits at any time by clicking on the "Modify account" link on the HostPapa Connect dashboard or the "Modify Your Account" link under the Settings Tab. You may then choose an amount from the "Purchase More" dropdown in the Email section. If you attempt to send a message that will put you over your limit, you will also be directed to this page, where you can buy more blocks.

Email may be the original social media – and, with HostPapa Connect, it works together with the top social networks of today.

Use Social Sharing to enable your subscribers to share your content with their networks – opening up unlimited potential for you to develop new relationships. It's easy to add to your campaigns (the Social Sharing token is included) and easy for your subscribers to use (just a click!).

Social Sharing enables and tracks sharing through:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Delicious

Don't forget to "auto-tweet" your campaign to your own networks!

According to third-party raters, HostPapa Connect consistently provides a 98% or better deliverability rate. A variety of procedures and tactics, including monitoring sender reputation, black/white listing status, and customer sending habits, ensure this high level of service. We also adhere to all CAN-SPAM regulations and require proof that all clients are providing requested content from clearly opted-in recipients.

Our primary IP addresses are consistently rated between 95% and 100% by a third-party reputation monitoring service, which ensures that our client's emails are given premium delivery status. Black and white listing statuses are watched daily, providing real-time information about our email deliverability.

In addition, we continuously monitor our server bounce logs to ensure an ISP is not preventing the delivery of email. For large campaigns, we will automatically throttle email delivery to the ISP's acceptable rate.

A recurring campaign allows you to automatically create and send campaigns on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This tool is different from a standard email marketing campaign because once set up, you don't have to log in and hit the send or schedule button.

Recurring URL campaigns
A recurring URL campaign will automatically pull content from a URL (usually one that has dynamically generated content) and send it at the time and frequency you've defined. For example, if you are sending a daily news email, you can set up a recurring campaign that will distribute your campaign each morning at a pre-set time.

HostPapa Connect allows you to specify recurring intervals, add your list or group recipients, set up your campaign details, and then specify the URL from which you would like to pull content at the time of sending.

Other recurring campaigns (template, editor, copy/paste)
Users who create content with copy/paste, templates, or the editor can also benefit from recurring campaigns. You can create campaigns to remind subscribers to pay an invoice, attend a meeting, or take action on an important issue. You can even send updates from your RSS feed or blog using HostPapa Connect's RSS-to-email integration.

Recurring campaigns are a great tool for sending relevant, fresh content on a set frequency, without having to edit or recreate your entire campaign.

Campaigns are the email messages you send to your contacts.

You can create four types of email campaigns with HostPapa Connect:

  1. Standard campaigns
    Create a basic “batch and blast” one-time email campaign and send to your recipients.

  2. Triggered campaigns
    Set up a series of triggered emails to send to your recipients. You can either set up a list subscription trigger or a date custom field trigger. List subscription triggers allow you to send emails to your contacts as they subscribe to your list(s). Date custom field triggers allow you to send campaigns to your subscriber database based on date. For example, you can use a date custom field trigger to send a "Happy Birthday" message on a contact’s birthday.

    Read more about triggered campaigns

  3. Recurring campaigns
    With HostPapa Connect you can automatically create and send campaigns on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This tool is different from a standard email marketing campaign because once set up, you don't have to log in and hit the send or schedule button – it will send automatically.

  4. Multivariate (A/B) split campaigns
    Split testing allows you to test different variables – such as subject lines, content, or images – to help you find the version of your email that receives the highest click-through or open rates. You can then send the top-performing campaign to the remaining subscribers on your list. The result should be higher overall campaign engagement.

    Read more about multivariate (A/B) splits campaigns

    Learn how to create a new campaign using HostPapa Connect

A triggered campaign is a great way to introduce people to your company. Email marketers are using triggered emails more than ever to engage opt-in subscribers immediately after they sign up.

Welcoming your customers to your email list is not only good practice, it can be the most important email you send your subscribers. In a welcome email, you can introduce your business, describe the content the contact can expect to receive (and link to archived content such as past newsletters), ask the user to whitelist your email address, or link to key pages or content on your website – basically, make a great introduction to your new list member.

There are 2 types of triggered campaigns:

List subscription
List subscription triggered emails allow you to automatically send a welcome email or a series of welcome emails to a new subscriber.

Learn how to create list subscription triggered campaigns

Date custom field
Date custom field triggered emails allow you to send a triggered campaign on a certain date, such as a birthday. Deployment is based upon a date custom field stored inside your HostPapa Connect account.

Built into your email marketing strategy, they can be an effective (and time-saving) way to keep in contact with your clients. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Welcome emails: Engage your subscribers immediately after they've opted in to your list. Create a welcome email that will be sent the instant a new subscriber signs up.
  • Drip campaigns: Keep in touch with your subscribers with a drip campaign – a series of emails designed to introduce a product or service. Build anticipation or share new information according to your strategy.
  • Membership renewals: Forget paper and postage! Set up a series of renewal notices to be sent at specified intervals leading up to an expiry date.
  • Birthday messages: Create a birthday campaign and set your autoresponder to send out a special coupon or greeting on subscriber birthdays.

Learn how to create date custom field triggered campaigns

In A/B split testing, you choose two different variations of your marketing materials and test them by comparing and measuring their reception and performance. In the email world, this might mean testing different subject lines, content, image placement, or send times.

Multivariate (MV) split testing takes A/B testing even further. You have more options than just A and B - with multivariate split campaigns, you can test up to 26 variations of a campaign.

With the HostPapa Connect analysis tools, you'll be able to determine the best or "winning" configuration of your campaign. MV split testing will help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Learn how to create a multivariate split campaign using HostPapa Connect

Whether you're new to email marketing or an experienced email whiz, we've got what you need to quickly and effectively create and distribute a winning campaign. Take a look:

  1. Import a template: Already happy with a template you've been using? Import it, update it, and send!
  2. Use a HostPapa Connect template: Follow our template editor through the campaign creation process. Simply choose a template shell, upload your content and images, and you're done.
  3. Free-form editor: For simple campaigns, our free-form editor lets you enter text, choose your font and format, and add images and links quickly. It's as familiar as your word processor.
  4. Create HTML emails: Use your own custom HTML code and upload it to your HostPapa Connect account. We'll even scan it to be sure everything is in order.
  5. URL grabber: Does your website have all the content you want to send? Use the URL grabber to send a webpage to your subscribers.
  6. EasyCast: Simply send an email from your smartphone or any email client to an EasyCast address, and HostPapa Connect will send out your email. No logging in!

You don't have to worry about keeping your list clean and up-to-date – we'll take care of removing any unsubscribes, soft or hard bounces and adding any new opt-ins. Here are just a few of the housekeeping tasks we'll do for you:

  • Managing unsubscribes: If you try to upload an unsubscribed contact, we won't add them during a list import.
  • Clicks: Who clicked on a link? Which links? We'll let you know which offers your subscribers found most compelling.
  • Bounces: HostPapa Connect will remove bad email addresses so you don't have to.
  • Subscriber signup centre: Let your subscribers opt-in to a single list or all of your email campaigns. Your custom-made signup centre is a window into what your clients want.
  • Double or single opt-in: Double opt-in lists send an email confirmation to each new subscriber, asking them to click on a link to confirm their subscription. You can turn this option on or off.
  • Easy list imports: It's a snap to move your contacts into HostPapa Connect. Upload several different file formats (include all the custom data you wish) and we'll clean up the list for you.
  • Automatic list deduping: Even if you're sending your campaign to multiple lists, we'll only deliver one email per subscriber. No duplicates.

Groups are an easy way to arrange your contacts under a certain name or description, without having to create a new subscription list. The group name is internal and for your company only – it will not be seen by subscribers. Contact groups are essentially the same as internal lists in functionality.

Read more about the different types of lists, including internal lists, in HostPapa Connect

Groups do not have subscription information or appear in the subscription centre like a list, but you can add and remove contacts from groups through imports and quick adds.

The purpose of contact groups is to provide a simple way of grouping contacts together, without the added complexity of list subscriptions. The only information you need to create a group is a name.

Note: If you send a message to a group of individuals, they will only have the option to globally unsubscribe.

A double opt-in list provides two levels of confirmation for your contact. The feature may be activated as an additional verification of security measure.

For a contact to join a double opt-in list, he or she must first sign up by submitting an email address; then he or she must confirm the subscription by clicking an activation link that gets sent to that email address.

Learn how to enable the double opt-in feature in HostPapa Connect

Every HostPapa Connect customer has access to powerful email marketing reporting at no extra charge. That means you get to see exactly how your subscribers are engaging with your email campaigns. You'll always have information to refine your marketing and increase response rates. Our real time reporting instantly shows the success rate of your campaign.

See who opened your email campaign. You can use that data to send a follow-up campaign or save this segment of subscribers for a future campaign.

We'll show you exactly who clicked on a link and which link they clicked on. This will help you determine which offers your subscribers found most compelling.

If the email can't be delivered, we'll let you know why. If we determine that the email is no longer active, we'll automatically remove it from your list and let you know. You'll have a log of all your bounces so you can review them at anytime.

We provide you with real time reports whenever a new subscriber opts-in to your list(s). We'll also let you know how they opted-in: from a campaign, your opt-in form or any other method you might offer your subscribers.

Every time you send a campaign, we'll track who unsubscribed and automatically remove them from your list. We'll also maintain these email addresses in an unsubscribe list at no charge to ensure you don't accidentally re-add them at a future time. You'll never have to worry about being CAN-SPAM compliant. We take care of that for you.

Forward to a friend
Is your email campaign going viral? You'll know if it does. Our forward to a friend link tracks who is forwarding your campaign to friends. It'll even tell you the email address the campaign was forwarded to.

Download your reports
On the go and don't have Internet access? You can download all your HostPapa Connect reports into easy-to-use CSV files at anytime. It's your data. We never make it difficult for you to export it.

After an email message has been sent using HostPapa Connect, reports are immediately made available for you to view the statistics: who opened the message, who clicked on links, and whose emails bounced. All of this information, and more, is available in individual campaign reports.

Learn more about how to view individual campaign reports in HostPapa Connect

Statistics that can be viewed for each campaign include:

  • Total emails sent: the number of contacts who were sent the message.
  • Delivered: the number of contacts who successfully received the message.
  • Hard bounces: the number of contacts who failed to receive this message with permanent errors. Email will not be sent to these addresses again.
  • Soft bounces: the number of contacts who failed to receive the message with temporary errors. These addresses will be sent to again; and this message can be resent to the soft bounces only, by clicking "Resend".
  • Total/unique opens: the number of contacts who opened the message in their email client, or completed an initial click-through for a URL in your email campaign.
  • Unique/total click-throughs: the number of individuals who clicked on a link in your message/the total number of times those individuals clicked on a link in your message.
  • Replies: the number of contacts who replied to your message.
  • Unsubscribed: the number of contacts who unsubscribed from your lists.
  • Forward to a friend: the number of contacts who forwarded your message to a friend using the "forward to a friend" link in your message.
  • Subscribes: the number of contacts who subscribed to another list from the subscription link in your message.

The heat map tool in HostPapa Connect allows you to quickly see where contacts are (or are not!) clicking within your email. Using a colour scale, you can see which links in your email campaigns are hot (red), which links are colder (blue), and which links readers are not clicking on (no colour).

With each campaign heat map you can instantly see:

  • Which topics are hot (or not)
  • If contacts are clicking more on images or text
  • If contacts click on links in a certain area more than others
  • How sponsors' ads perform within your email, enabling you to market consistently well-performing spots at a higher rate

Ultimately, heat maps allow you to examine how users interact with your email. You can then configure your email layout and content for maximum reader engagement.

Learn more about how to view a campaign's heat map in HostPapa Connect

Aggregate reporting lets you track changes in the effectiveness (measured by open and click-through percentages) of your HostPapa Connect messages over time. You may limit the comparison by a date range, specific message, or list.

Read more about viewing aggregate reports in HostPapa Connect

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