How to set up additional tools in AdGuru

Alongside intelligent campaign creation and analytics tools in dashboard and expertise from support specialists, AdGuru also offers a range of additional tools that can be used to manage and monitor your campaigns.

AdGuru Mobile App

Keep in touch with website analytics, campaign performance and manage leads on the move with the free AdGuru My Site Analytics Mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.  Once installed, as soon as a lead comes in from your website, we will send a notification to your device. You will be able to get back to your visitors right away, schedule follow-ups, and send them additional offers.

You can find out more about the mobile app in the AdGuru dashboard, by visiting Leads > Mobile App.

Mobile app

You can provide your mobile phone number and click Send me the app to receive a one-time SMS to download the app. You can also download the My Site Analytics App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store directly to your phone.

Once installed, enter your username and one-time password on the login screen. You’ll find the password displayed in the AdGuru dashboard at Leads > Mobile App, near the bottom of the screen.

AdGuru Connect

AdGuru Connect is a lead generation tool that allows you to display promotional offers to your website visitors while browsing. You can choose promotions to appear in a dedicated tab or pop-up modal window, displaying a coupon that can be issued in a variety of ways, including email or text message. A small embedded contact form allows visitors to get in touch and you can include relevant information about your business, including opening hours and location.

AdGuru Connect

When a visitor requests a coupon, you’ll be notified via the AdGuru mobile app, giving you the option to contact the prospective customer right away.

To set up AdGuru connect, visit the AdGuru dashboard and click Leads to get started.

Leads menu

Goal Tracking

An important AdGuru analytics feature to check out is Goal Tracking. The feature allows you to create and then monitor specific goals pertaining to website use – for example, a customer checking out, or sending a contact form.

Goal Tracking monitors and records when those tasks are completed, the visitor details and how the visitor arrived at your site – whether they came from organic traffic, or an AdGuru campaign. To take advantage of Goal Tracking, ensure you have AdGuru analytics installed and then head to the Account section of the Dashboard to start creating your Goals.

Add a goal by entering a Goal Name, Goal Type, Average revenue (for ROI tracking), then the Goal URL. For a example, a goal URL for a completed purchase would be something like This would be the confirmation page that is displayed after a user completes a purchase. When the confirmation page loads, AdGuru’s analytics will report that the visitor completed a goal and offer supporting insights you can use to further optimise your campaigns.

For further questions, or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how:

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